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Irene Iborra - Biography

born in 1976, the 11th july in Alicante (Spain)

Irene Iborra is a scriptwriter, film director and stop motion animator. She is co-director of the Citoplasmas Stop Motion animation studio in Barcelona, which produces short films, TV shows for kids, adverts and video clips.

Since their first film Citoplasmas en milieu acide released in 2004, she has written and co-directed with Eduard Puertas  Je veux être une tortilla and Marre, two short films on the theme of food sovereignty,  Click, a story for audiences of all ages which combines pixellation and plasticine, and Matilda, their latest film (2018) for children, co-produced with Arnaud Demuynck, which tackles the theme of fear.

Irene has contributed, both as a scriptwriter and director, to many children's TV series. These include Contes Célestes, on the theme of ecology, and an ongoing musical comedy project, The Bubeats.

She also teaches scriptwriting for the Stop Motion animation master's degree course at the BAU School of Design, Barcelona and at the Escola d’Art Massana. She has published a series of children's books called Los 7 cavernícolas, co-written with Maite Carranza.

She is currently working on the script for her first full length animated film.

Irene Iborra - Filmography


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