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49 minutes | Distribution : Cinéma Public Films (France), Le Parc Distribution (Belgium)

Release in February 2019

International Sales: Superights

In this new programme, the Cinema Owl has brought together five of her favourite stories featuring a number of new characters: The little ant and all her friends, the prankster snail, the wise tortoise made of gold, the humble stonemason and Basil the naive young man. All of them teach us humility and modesty by showing that those who claim to be the strongest and cleverest do not always win.

The Owl’s Jingles is an amusing series of simple lessons in how to live together harmoniously. These short films use the technique of repetition, like the refrains of our favourite nursery rhymes, to convey a clear message. Each one tells a different story, keeping up the suspense and holding the curiosity of a young audience, and is infused with all the wisdom of our Owlish storyteller.


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The Owl discovers the dubbing

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